D|S Import

What it is:

This is a Python script to import pose files saved from DAZ|Studio into Poser 6. It works only with poses saved in DAZ Script plain text format. It imports standard pose (rotation, translation) and morph dial information.


This script is Shareware in the original meaning of the word: I provide the download of the full version for free, no registration required, no questions asked. You are free to evalue the script for 30 days. After these 30 days, you have the choice of either deleting the script from your computer and stop using or paying me EUR 5,00 and you can use the script as much and as long as you want to.


You need Poser 6 for Mac OS X or Windows. The script is developed for compatiblity with pose files in DAZ script plain text format (.ds) saved from DAZ|Studio version 0.9.28. No guarantees can be made for compatibility with other versions of DAZ|Studio, as I cannot predict if and what changes DAZ3D will make to that program.


The script in compiled Python (.pyc) format can be downloaded here: importDS.zip


Trademarks and copyrights:

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