RDNA's forums have an excellent Poser 5 section with lots of shader tricks. Don't miss it!


Very busy, lots of smart folks around and a lot to learn. Exciting things are happening there, so don't miss it.

General Poser 5 tutorials

Curious Labs

Curious Labs has a collection of basic tutorials to almost every room of Poser 5 on their web page.


3-Axis are selling a video called "Poser 5 demystified". I haven't seen it myself, but thought I'd share the link for those interested in it.

Fallencity has a collection of tutorials, including the famous series from Dr. Geep.


There are some useful Poser 5 tutorials on, some on Poser 5 hair, one on how to use your Poser 4 library in Poser 5.


Renderosity has a tutorial section called "Poser 5 Secrets".


They have a section with links to various Poser 5 tutorials.

General 3D


The web page of Jeremy Birn who wrote the book "Lighting & Rendering". Highly recommended! If there is one web page that I want every 3D artist to read and unterstand then it is his 3-point light tutorial.

Leigh van der Byl

This girl as some very good texturing tutorials you should read. Go there.

Material tutorials

"Shader Node Magic" shows you how to improve the look of V3 in Poser 5 (works also for other figures).

Hair tutorials

Studio Verite

Excellent hair room tutorials at the Studio Verite forums.

Rosemary Regan

She has a mini-tutorial called "Creating Locks of Hair".

Perpetualvisions has a big tutorial on Poser 5 hair.


There is a tutorial on improving the skull cap on


Now here's a cool one: A tutorial on how to use Poser 5 hair to make a waterfall.

Cloth tutorials


PhilC has written tutorials on the basics of the Poser 5 cloth room and on using Poser 4 clothing with the cloth room.

Setup Room


You can find a tutorial called "Making Posable Models in Poser5 or Poser4 Pro Pack" on 3DToday.